Blogger Status: Back Home

Hello everyone. I´m back home. I had an awesome weekend in my hometown and now I´m back to my "normal" routine. My vacations end today. Later tonight, I´ll be doing a night shift.
The balconies floor replacement project is completed but I still have a lot of cleaning to do. I´m very happy with the final result. My balconies look much bigger now and not only because they´re empty but thanks to the light color tiles I picked.
Lately, I´ve been waking up very early without alarm clock. By night I´m already tired and that´s the main reason why I´ve been doing less "night owl" blogging. Maybe I´m getting better from my usual insomnia. Right now, it´s only half past midnight and I´m so sleepy that I won´t do anything else online. I´m off to bed.
See you soon :)

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