I´m Going To My Hometown For The Weekend

Time passes really fast, specially now that winter days are shorter. At 5.30 pm it´s already night and it´s so cold outside that all I want after that hour is to be home, cosy and warm. My vacations are ending, next Wednesday I´ll start my crazy schedules again.
This weekend, I won´t be online because I´m going to my hometown., a 300 Km drive.
Once I´ll be working in Christmas, and I also don´t know when my next vacations will be, I decided to visit my mother and I´m taking my daughter with me.
Oh...how I miss my hometown! I miss it´s typical sea smell, the people, the shops, the food...and specially my friends. I won´t have time to visit them all in only one weekend but if I´ll be happy if I meet just a few.
I´ll leave later today, after picking my daughter from school, and I expect to be back next Sunday afternoon. So, this weekend I won´t be making any drops, commenting and updating my blogs. I´ll try to catch up when I get back.
A good weekend to all. See you :)

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Score Piano said...

have a nice weekend :)