My Blogging Earnings & Websites I Use

I just reached another Adsense payment which I will receive next February.
Since PPP has become Inpostlinks, my earnings trough this source diminished. On the other hand, I´ve been qualifying for more opportunities trough Social Spark. Maybe this increase is due to Christmas season, I can´t tell for sure. I will need to wait more time to reach the new minimum payout, which now is 50.00.
There´s another website that has been sending me offers, SEO Blog Reviews. I first read about this website trough Rachel´s Blog "Turnonepoundintoonemillion" but once the site is so simple I thought it could be another scam. I decided to signup and after a week or so I received the first offer. The good thing about this site is they pay in advance, you don´t need to wait 30 days to get your money. First you get paid, and after you write the post. They send offers only trough e-mail and you can accept or deny these offers.
Last month, I received a couple direct opportunities trough Sponsoredreviews. I like this website because they´ve been around for a long time, they pay after 15 days and have plenty advertisers.
Another website that offered me a few opportunities was Blogsvertise .
I´ve also joined "Microworkers", a website in which you can earn a few extra bucks by doing different micro jobs, although I haven´t done much there yet.
In sum, my November online earnings weren´t as good as previous months but I can´t complain much because I haven´t been actively looking for opportunities. The only thing I can complain is the current dollar exchange rate. In the past months, it has been so low that I´m keeping my earnings a bit longer so I don´t lose money with the currency conversion.
If you know any other good websites for blog monetizing, please let me know. More earning resources are always welcome.
See you soon :)

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