How I´m Spending My Vacations

I started my ten days vacation in December 1st and I will only be back to work next 16th. Luckily, my vacations include two national holidays that don´t count for the ten days period, December 1st and 8th, so I´ll enjoy over two weeks.
My first week is already gone. I had plenty rest and carried out some of my home organizing projects. My first target was to get rid of all the clutter in my daughter´s room, a long wanted goal which I happily finished today. During this week I also did some shopping, paid bills, started cleaning my balcony and asked one quote for the new floor, a home improvement project I´ve been dreaming of.
I received an email from my University informing me that I could now request my final certificate so I went there to make the formal request and pay for it. Revisiting my University brought back so many good memories... I will never forget the good times I spent there.
Last Friday, was another important day for me. I signed the plot´s selling documents and received a bank cheque with my share of the money. Sadly, this was the end of our plot´s story but it also represents a fresh start for my countryhome dream. As we say in Portugal "When a doors gets closed, God opens a window".
Basically, this is what I´ve accomplished this week besides my normal daily activities (cooking, cleaning, shopping, doing laundry, ironing, taking my daughter to school, picking her up, etc). I also had some very nice dinners with my daughter and bought a Christmas tree that we will decorate today.
Today, at 3.00 pm, we will watch a musical theater play: "Peter Pan". We received free tickets from the company that my ex works for. Every year, they offer all worker´s children Christmas gifts. They also offered my daughter a "Fnac" 25.00 Euros gift card. Fnac is a national store which sells electronics, technology, books, CDs, DVDs and toys. My daughter is thrilled with this present. She keeps asking me when will we go to Fnac, located in Algarve´s Shopping in Albufeira, 30 Km from where we live.
This Christmas, I will only be offering a couple presents so I don´t have much shopping to do.
These are my goals for next week:

~ Organize my kitchen pantry
~ Pay bills and go to the bank (2 different ones)
~ Finish cleaning the balcony
~ Paint bathroom ceiling
~ Organizing my books and the boxes in which I keep copies.

Let´s see if I can accomplish everything on this list, plus my online chores. I hope so because I don´t know when my next vacations will be.
Next weekend I´m going to make a 350 km car drive (each way). Me and M. are going to visit my my mother which lives in my hometown. I´d also like to go to Lisbon, our capital. I´m planning on leaving Friday after dinner and I will only be back Sunday night.
I won´t take Nina with us in this trip so I´ll have to ask a friend to come by my flat to feed her. I could never leave Nina here a whole weekend by herself. To me, our furfriend Nina is like a young child.
Well, this is all for today. See you soon :)

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Monica said...

Hello Mize, enjoy your long vacation and take care! *HUGS*

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Don't forget to update it regularly. I am looking for new updates dying to read more stuff from you...

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