Blogger Status: Home For Christmas

Hello everyone. I haven´t posted anything this week because I´ve been doing night shifts and when I arrive home I´m to tired to blog. Because of my night shifts, I already skipped a couple Music Mondays, shhh...
Today is my day off and I was supposed to work tomorrow, 24th, but our government gave the day off to all public institution´s workers. Thanks Mr. Prime Minister!
This way, I´ll have three days off in a row and I´ll spend Christmas at home. This is the first year I´ll be spending Christmas alone. My daughter is going to her father´s family dinner and I´ll stay I´ll probably be online working on my blogs. It´s a good way to feel less lonely.
The winter arrived here with lots of rain and cold wind. In the past three days it has been raining almost non stop. The best place to be is at home. Ohhh...if only I had a fireplace...once I don´t have one, at night, I turn on my oil heater.
See you later :)

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Mariuca said...

Merry Christmas to u and Miriam, I hope you guys have a wonderful cozy Christmas. Lots of love and hugs! :):):)

Mizé said...

Thanks Marzie!
Hope you have a very good Christmas too, in the company of your loved ones.
"Get Well Soon" for B.
Lots of warm hugs from me and Miriam xxx