How I´ve Been Spending My Online Time

First of all, I´d like to wish a good weekend to all Night Clicks visitors. This Saturday, I worked a morning shift and I´ll have Sunday off. My daughter just started Christmas school vacations and, in the next weeks, I´ll divide my time between my job, my home and my close family.

Now, I´ll carry on with today´s post tittle:

With only a few daily hours to be online and a bunch of blogs to run, it´s not easy to put in practice time management skills I have learned in my course.
In the past months, I´ve been skipping many online tasks I used to do and even declining opportunities to earn money. The main reason is not my full time job but because I find interesting articles and websites to read and I don´t impose myself any time limits.
I´ve been spending my online time mostly reading instead of writing content and investing time on my blogs. I´m not blocked, tired or anything like that. In fact, I always have topics to talk about... I think I´m in a sort of reading & learning phase.
My interest in Personal Finances isn´t new, it´s one of my favorite blogging topics. Lately, when I´m online, I spend a lot of time reading Personal Finances and Personal Development websites and blogs. If I had keep only one of my blogs, I would choose Mizé Journey, my "recent" personal finances journal blog.
Besides dropping ECs, reading the news, other blogs and doing a few opportunities, I haven´t been doing much more. I enjoy this flexible online routine and maybe soon I´ll give up some of my blogging endeavors.
And you? How do you spend your time online?

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