My Christmas

Hello everyone. Hope you´re all having good holidays & a peaceful time now that 2010 is approaching. I´ve been offline for a few days...As usual, due to my home-chores, my job and Christmas celebration.
Surprisingly, I had three days off in a row (23, 24, 25) and I used them to go shopping with my daughter, spent quality time with her, had plenty rest and now I´m back to my usual chores.
I spent Christmas eve alone with Nina, my dear furfriend. My daughter went to S. mother´s home and I spent a good part of the night cooking traditional Portuguese Christmas sweets. I had dinner alone, watched a bit of TV, including a wonderful Christmas Circus and Concert and went to bed very late, around 6.00 am.
I also spent most of 25th at home alone. It was the first year I spent Christmas alone...but in compensation my daughter will be with me for New Year´s celebration. I won´t lie, it wasn´t easy to be all alone (specially because I wasn´t used to it) but we had arranged things this way since late May. I always keep my word and my daughter enjoys spending Christmas eve with her cousins. Next year, she´ll be with me for Christmas and with S. for New Year.
I received a few presents, specially from me to myself, lol. After all, it wasn´t that bad because despite being alone I had fun. Well, I always do, don´t I?
I had planned to blog but instead I cooked Christmas sweets. This way, time passed even faster. When I noticed it was already 25th morning. The cold and all the rain outside made my flat even more cosy.
Since kid, and because my family is very small, I always enjoyed New Year more than Christmas.
Today, I started preparing my New Year´s celebration. I will be cooking again and I´d like to go downtown to see the fireworks and a concert. A simple plan to welcome 2010.
And you? Are you ready for New Year´s celebration?

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