Website Goals

As 2010 is approaching, many of us are making plans for the new year. One of my biggest goals for next year´s is related to finances. I´d like to reduce my overall expenses and my online work load as well. One of my priorities for 2010 is to keep my domains and maintain their expenses. When my web hosting plans reach renewal time, I´ll have to decide which provider I should go for.
Early next year, I have to make a decision weather I keep my domains and my current web hosting provider. Before deciding which plan I will buy, I´ll sure visit a web hosting directory. A web hosting directory will provide me all information I need to make the best decision. In this type of website I can check all features each provider offers and compare plan´s prices.
Making price comparison is important for a frugal blogger like me but also for any webmaster trying to stick to a budget, even when looking for the best dedicated server provider or vps hosting. Prices are important but each plan´s feature, such as reliability and technical support, needs to be consider when choosing a web hosting provider. For example, for me, it´s important to check space, bandwidth and up-time. I want to be sure my websites have enough capability to receive an unexpected number of visitors in a given day. It´s so frustrating to visit a website and getting a message such as "bandwidth exceeded". So, up-time, space and technical support are some of the features I consider important in any web hosting plan.
In a web hosting directory such as Webhostinggeeks I can read other users reviews, rates and check all cheap plans that come with free domains included. I can also verify each provider´s plan´s features to make sure I´m buying exactly what I need to smoothly run my websites. Always prefer quality and be sure to read the small letters in any contract.
Unlimited bandwidth can be purely marketing so my advice is: Read articles and all information provided by web hosting directories before choosing your plan. This way you can make sure you will get what you have bought.
I expect to have a good blogging year, although I know in advance that I won´t have time to write as much as I´d like to. As far as content is concerned, I won´t make major changes in any of my websites but I´ll sure dedicate more time to my Personal Finances blog. I´ll write a goal´s post for each of my online endeavors.

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