PR Updates

Hello World :)
Hope you all had good Christmas & New Year celebrations.
Mr G. ended 2009 doing PR updates. I think updates were performed in December 31.
I only noticed changes yesterday. My Personal Finances blog, Mizé Journey is now PR 2. All my other blogs remain the same. I´m happy because my domain blog has now a better PR and I managed to keep my main blog´s rank.
See you soon :)

2 comentários:

MarlyMS said...

Hi mize,
congrats on your new PR ;)

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Mizé said...

Hi Marly!
Thanks! PR improvement in my domain blog was a surprise for me too. I haven´t worked much for it. I only noticed there were updates because of my PF blog.
Wow, you have more blogs too. Gotta check them soon.
All the best for your online endeavors :) Hugs xx