Blogger Status: Loads of Work & Parenting

Hello everyone.
My vacations, early in December, weren´t enough for so many things to do. In fact, I think I´m still in a slow mode but I hope I´ve entered 2010 with the right foot.
I hope Tiger´s year brings me & all Night Clicks visitors more luck than my own year did, the Ox year.

I started 2010 with lots of things to do in my offline life.
Busy woman as usual :)
My mom´s responsibilities, papers to take care, bills to pay, shopping, my "normal" crazy job´s schedules plus housework (specially cooking and home projects) have been taking most of my time. Whenever I find a break, I´m online.
I haven´t been making EC drops as usual, so I apologize for not returning your visits. I also skipped a few Music Mondays but I hope to get back soon. Even my online money making activities have been slower than usual.
I´ve been spending more time with my daughter because she had school vacations. Now that I´m a single parent my responsibilities towards her healthy growing doubled. She´s my precious fragile treasure that I must take really good care...
This trimester she had good grades. Her school restarted at all speed and now that she´s in the last year of elementary school she must study more. Yesterday, I attended a parent´s reunion with her teacher and I´m happy with her overall results.
She´s growing so fast...I notice some changes in her. She´s a responsible child which is slowly becoming a very smart and fun teenager. Next month, she´s turning ten, but she behaves like she´s older. She´s got a strong personality (like her mom :))and many questions in her little head. Being her parent is challenging but also very rewarding. She´s tender, respectful and quick learner. She´s a happy girl and I´m very proud of her. you know what I´ve been up to. I´ll be back to Night Clicks whenever I have a break. See you :)

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