Working Hard is Paying Off

Hello everyone, wish you all a good weekend.
In the past months, I´ve been working really hard in my full time job. I haven´t missed a single day, I´m punctual and I get along well with all my co-workers. Plus, I try to do more than what´s expected of me and I´m perfectionist performing all tasks.
My professional attitude and dedication is finally paying off. I´m not earning more and no I wasn´t promoted but my chief is giving me more days off at weekends, two days at a time and better schedules than before.
At my job, we have an annual performance evaluation. I think my chief is happy with my performance because she gave positive feedback of my work. This means my contract will be renovated for another year and I have a chance to become a permanent worker, which is great.
I have this weekend off and next week I´ll have Friday and Saturday. My next vacations are already scheduled for February, 8 more days pertaining to 2009. I´m happy with all that is happening. Some of my coworkers became my friends and I already feel I belong there.
If everything goes well, I have a chance to become a permanent worker which would be great in terms of security. It´s obvious I would like to have a job within my area of studies and to earn more money than I do now but with my country´s current unemployment rate I think I should be very happy with my situation. At least, I´m working in the health area and helping others.
See you soon :)

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