Blogger Status: Short Vacations

I´m having a short eight days vacation from my job at the hospital. I´ve been quite lazy these days... but it feels great to sit around and just do nothing.
The weather doesn´t help much either, fog, rain and more rain the whole day. Ahhh...I wish Spring arrives soon because this weather puts me in sort of a lazy, depressive mood.
Well, doing nothing is virtually impossible for a person like me. My daughter has classes and I have to take her to school every day (except weekends), cook, clean and shop, the everyday cores.
At night, I´ve been chatting online trough messenger much more than working on my blogs. I´m happy to finally be in touch with some old friends from my hometown. I missed them so much during these years away...and, finally, I´m in touch with some of them. Blessed Internet, lol.
I´d like to send a big thank you to all my Entrecard fellow bloggers who still drop by Night Clicks every day. I´ve been doing more drops with my Personal Finances blog Mizé Journey than with Night Clicks. I don´t have enough time to drop with all my blogs so I pick only one account per day to visit my favorite blogs.
Good weekend to all!
I will be back soon :)

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