Back to Work

As my post tittle says, I´m back to work and to my crazy shift´s schedules. This short vacations should have been longer. As usual, I didn´t do all the things I wanted to.
At night, when I return home, I have all my online tasks to do. Most nights, I´m so tired that I need to use my old and not so fashion eye glasses to work in my notebook. You would surely laugh if you could see me with this glasses, they are so old that I look like a primary teacher from the 80´s.
You see, I have sensitive green eyes. Even during the day, I have to wear sunglasses most of the time because if I don´t, I get headaches and seems like I can´t stop crying. Talking about sunglasses, I could use a new pair. I´ve been using the same sunglasses for over three years now and besides being low quality, they already have a few scratches on them. Once I have astigmatism, the best solution for me would be a combination of vision and sun glasses but they are quite expensive so I always delay this purchase. I´d better look on online shops to check if I can find a better deal. A bigger notebook screen would also be very handy.
Today, I woke up very early and worked a night shift. I´m already too tired to make drops and finish my online chores. Tomorrow, I´ll have a day off. After taking my daughter to school I´ll be back home to do some cleaning and then I´ll be back to blogging. I have so much to do and so little time. It sounds strange, but I´m always mourning about my lack of time. It´s life!

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