Going Out at Night: I Need Fashion Clothes

Last weekend, I went out for a drink with one of my coworkers and some of her friends. It´s been a while since I last went out at night without my daughter. Last time I went out for a drink was last summer. Oh gosh, how time flies. I´m getting old and I´ve become a house owl.
I finished my shift at midnight and after I came home to change clothes. I opened my wardrobe and realized how simple it is. I don´t have nice clothes to go out at night anymore and the reason is my recent weight loss.
I lost around 10 Kg and had to buy many new clothes. As you can imagine, changing a whole wardrobe isn´t cheap so last time I shopped clothes I sicked to the basics. I forgot I would need something nice to wear in case I would out in a winter night. I had no option but to wear jeans and a sweet-shirt.
I´ve never been thin and I´m much taller than the average Portuguese woman. Some years ago, I had a hard time finding women's large clothing but nowadays things have changed. There are stores totally dedicated to large fashion clothing. I used to wear a 52 jeans size and now I´m wearing a 44. Although I lost weight, I still belong to the L/XL category. Next time I shop I can´t forget to buy something nice to wear otherwise I will feel misplaced when going out with friends. They were all dressed up and I looked like I was going to the supermarket, lol.
Although I wasn´t dressed to the occasion, I had fun and I´m glad I accepted my friend´s invitation. I drove back home around 4 am because next morning I had to pick up my daughter but I promised my friends I would go out with them again very soon.

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