Another Adsense Payment is on it´s Way

Hello everyone.
Lately, I haven´t updated some of my English blogs as frequently as I used to. Have you missed me? :)
This absence can be verified by the number of posts I´ve written here in Night Clicks this month.
Some of my MMO activities have been reduced as well but this has an explanation. I´ve been busy with my offline life and also trying to expand my Adsense earnings.
Some time ago I found that my best Adsense earners were my Portuguese blogs. Since then, I´ve been researching new niches I enjoy (and profitable as well) to enlarge my Adsense revenue. Creating more Portuguese blogs and SEO them in order to gain search engine´s traffic, as well as updating my PF blog, have been my priorities.
As you know, blogging takes a lot of time and effort but expanding my revenue from this source is something I´d really like to achieve. It hasn´t been easy because I have a restrictive condition: I only blog about topics I enjoy.
I´m still working towards this goal. Creating articles in my mother tong is much easier for me and I can write a couple of posts every day.
Anyway, a new check is on it´s way to my mail box. I hope to receive it in February´s first week. Rewarding work...
See you soon :)

2 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Of course we miss u Mize! Love and hugs! :)

Mizé said...

Ahhh..that´s so sweet of you!
Hugs my friend! All the best for you & your family.