Music Passion - MP3 Search Engine

My readers know how much I love music, it´s a part of my life. I like different music styles and that´s one of the major things I use the Internet for. Buying CDs it´s too expensive for my demanding musical tastes, so I use the Internet to download MP3 files. I like being updated and hearing new tunes from my favorite bands and buying all new CDs it´s something I can´t afford.
My previous PC used to fail when I tried to open several windows at the same time. It was frustrating because I could not hear music and work on my blogs at the same time. I prefer multitasking and there´s always music playing in the background. Well, except when I´m writing school paperwork. In that case I must be really concentrated in what I´m doing so I turn the music off.
When I bought my notebook, I looked for the latest sound technology. Having a notebook with good media software was one of my priorities. I bought a Toshiba with special media programs and Kardon speakers. This way, I can hear music videos while I´m multitasking. I also use the Internet to download MP3 files. I record those files in a CD to hear in my car.
If you use the Internet to download music files, there´s a cool MP3 Search Engine you can check. MP3 Hunting is a useful tool. With it, you can search for your favorite tunes and download them to your PC.

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