Quality Time in My Day Off

Last weekend I worked one eight hours shift in Saturday morning and had Sunday off. I decided to use my day off to spend some quality time with my daughter. We spent Sunday at home playing games and at night we went to the movies and dinner out.
The movie was "Alice in Wonderland" which I enjoyed very much. It took me back to my childhood and finally I understood the whole story...more than when I was a child:)
I think Tim Burton made a good job and enjoyed to see Johny Deep as hatter. I had never seen the actress who made Alice before. I also enjoyed the other characters, it was really fun.
The dinner was burritos at the Mexican restaurant, expensive but yummy. Once I was driving, I passed the margaritas. The owner of the restaurant offer me a cactus which I will plant in a bigger vase and put in my balcony along with my other flowers and herbs.
I was invited by a friend for a drink at his parents restaurant but decided not to go. The rest of the night was spent at home chatting with friends trough msn. This weekend I had a good time with my daughter but next one I´ll be alone, she´s going to spend it with my ex.
My next day off will be next Friday. Until then I´ll be working a few night shifts. This means a lot of work and less time to blog.
See you soon :)

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Mariuca said...

Hi Mize! B and me enjoyed AIW very much too, me more than him I think lol. Good to hear ur spending more time with Miriam, love and hugs! :)