Thinking About My Blogging Path

Since I started my first blog until today my life has changed in many ways. I started as a newbie and blogging has been a wonderful learning experience for me. When I learned I could earn some money trough blogging I started expanding my online activities and created a bunch of different blogs. Back then, I had enough time to update and work on all of my blogs and after two years blogging in a free platform I bought my first domain name. Then, I had to learn how to run it and how to deal with web site hosting.
I think all I´ve done in my blogging adventures was worthwhile but when I started working full time my life changed again. My free time to blog was drastically reduced and that lack of time had an impact on my online activities. Even though, I kept all of my blogs. I even bought another domain name and started new endeavors. Now, I´ve come to realize that my lack of time to be online has an impact on my work quality. I´ve been seriously thinking about reducing the number of blogs I have but can´t seem to decide which ones I should quit. You see, I know I have to do something about this but it´s so hard to let go any of them that I´ve been delaying my decision.
I´ve though about keeping my most profitable blogs but I don´t feel comfortable to follow that path. I enjoy blogging just for the fun of it and that´s why my decision to quit some of them is so hard to take. I have ideas for new blogs and maybe they are profitable but letting go my older blogs is like losing something I´ve worked hard to reach. Well, I need to decide what to do and I can´t keep this situation forever. If you were in my shoes what would you do?

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