A Weekend To Rest

Gosh...another week has passed so fast. For the second week in a row, I´ve been fighting a nasty flu. In the beginning of this week I was feeling much better but now my left ear started to ache.
Yesterday, in Portugal, we celebrated Father´s Day. It was also my ex birthday so my daughter is spending the weekend with him. I´ll be alone with Nina the whole weekend.
Friday night, I went out for a coffee with a friend and Saturday morning I worked. After work I came home and was so tired that I slept all afternoon. When I woke up it was way past dinner time. My ear still aches but after resting I feel a bit better. I have a lot to do online so I´ll be doing one of my blogging nights. Tomorrow, my daughter will be back and I´ll use my Sunday off to do my home chores.
Monday morning I´ll be back to a 38 hours work week. Ohh...how I hate morning shifts.
See you soon :)

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