About My Domain Names

Soon, it will be time to renovate one of my domain names and I´m still not sure what to do. The question I keep asking myself is: Should I renovate it, park it or try to sell before it expires.
As I mentioned in a previous post, I don´t have time to keep all my blogs and I´ll have to quit some of them. I have a good web site hosting deal and my online profits are enough to cover all expenses, including my Internet connection.
Once I dedicate most of my online time to my recent endeavors, the old ones have been left behind.
I wouldn´t mind working online full time but that´s only a dream. I have fixed expenses every month and without my offline job, I coudn´t live as comfortable as I do.
Soon I´ll have to make up my mind but I´m so confused. I could keep the domain name and just park it but once I´ve never done this before I´m sure if it´s a good option. Any suggestions?

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Bruneian Dollar said...

Hand it over to me. LOL! I could try make some use of it depending on the level of relevancy keyword(s) in the domain name that you registered.

But if you still want to do something of it on your own, then here's the spill. If it's a TLD (Top Level Domain) name, you can auction it off at Flippa.com.

Just my two cents.