Saving Money: My Hot Topic

As some of Night Clicks visitors already know, a few moths ago, I bought a new domain and started a blog about Personal Finances called Mizé Journey. This is a topic I really enjoy and in this new site I´m not blogging for profit.
My major goal is to share my PF experiences within the Portuguese reality. My country is one of the poorest in south Europe. It has it´s own reality and specific characteristics. Although we´re culturally rich, financially we´re in Europe´s tail.
With low wages as we have here, saving money isn´t easy. We don´t have access to many coupons like in USA and UK.
In my country we can find supermarket discounts and promotions, coupons for Restaurants or Pizza Hut coupons . We don´t have Papa Johns coupons or coupons in Sunday newspapers. I only receive a few fliers in my mailbox every week and have a couple supermarket fidelity cards that allow me access to selected discounts.
In my PF blog I don´t cover coupons available, instead, I share my shopping experiences and what I´m doing to reach my major goals. Living in a country home with a bit of plot to plant my own vegetables it´s my biggest dream and I consider it my long term priority.
Hope you can visit me there as well. I´ve been doing EC drops more often with my PF blog than with Night Clicks.

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Scotty's Princess said...

Hola Mize! It's been a while since I've been here. Hope everything works well for you.

May you enjoy your weekend in grand style.

Take care always!

Heru Kurniawan said...

great info! Yes, I am really need to increase my revenue..thanks for share. I will try..