Blogger Status: Home Doing Nothing

Ohh..this was such an exhausting week...I´m KO :)
I had so much work at my job that I hardly had time for myself or to cook...I will take revenge in my next day off. Oh I will...
I´m planning a special day off with my daughter. Only work and no fun or time to blog makes my stress levels raise above the sky limits and that´s not good. When I´m too stressed I have bad mood strokes, specially in the morning. It´s not easy to deal with me when my I´m with this type of temper so...
I´m taking this Sunday off to rest and do... absolutely nothing...Today, I´ll be a sort of couch/bed bug. It´s gool to be home all day only resting and doing nothing but thinking, sleeping and eating. I´ll be back as soon as I charge my batteries.
Good rest of weekend for you all :)

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