Day Off: Investing In Beauty

This month, I decided to invest a bit more in beauty than I usually do. This Tuesday I had a day off and I decided to spent it shopping with my daughter. We had lunch out and after we went to the hairdresser. I changed my hair color from dark brown to light brown and did my eyebrows. My daughter also had a haircut. We were both excited about this beauty day and after the hairdresser we went to a perfume shop.
I don´t recall the last time I had bought nail polish and didn´t even have any make up remover. I look much better when I use I decided it was about time to get back to my old beauty habits. I bought a long wanted bottle of perfume, a couple face creams and makeup. In this shop there was a sign saying pin your hair and I bought my a daughter a couple of pink pins.
I received a few free samples of creams and perfumes so now I have enough stuff to make me more pretty for the next months. My next investment will be in summer clothes and shoes.
Spring always brings me a renovating spirit. We both had lots of fun and finished our day with a nice homemade dinner cooked by me. It´s great to see my savings growing but it also feels great to have enough money to splurge and indulge ourselves once in a while.

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