Fool´s Day & Mini Hollidays

Today´s fool´s day. I started my day with two small lies from my daughter: First she told me that, last night, while browsing the Internet she read that "David Fonseca" (one of my favorite Portuguese singers) was going to perform a live concert in town...and very soon. I believed it and replied: I want to see him performing live once again, no matter what. Off course...she started laughing.
Her second little lie was on our way out. She told me she had forgot to wear panties :) I told her we should get back home because right away and when she started laughing like a fool, I found it was another innocent
She´s so cute...the little devil fooled me twice!
My daughter started school Easter holidays last Monday and she´ll only get back next 12th. Although I´ve been working as usual, we have been spending more time together now than when she has classes.
This weekend, my chief nurse blessed me with mini Easter holidays. I won´t work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday afternoon my daughter is going to my ex house and I´ll be alone for the rest of the weekend. It´s a good time to make a Spring cleaning in my flat, update my blogs, cook a couple yummy meals I can´t do during the week due to lack of time and have plenty rest. It´s only three days off but I´ll try to make the most out of them because my next work pause (a few days in a row kind of break) will only be in May.
So...I´ll be around. See you soon :)

2 comentários:

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...she got you! what a little cute devil indeed!

happy easter!

Mizé said...

Hi Demcy,
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Yap, my daughter caught me good :)
It was so funny that I didn´t resist sharing it here in my blog...
Happy & Peaceful Easter for you and your family.