Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses or Both?

Ten years ago, I worked in my town´s main Post Office. My job included selling different products, receiving payments and working long hours in the computer. Back then, after working for a few hours with the computer, I started having frequent headaches and vision problems. I went to the ophthalmologist to check my condition and was diagnosed distorted vision or astigmatism. The doctor advised me to wear glasses regularly, specially when working with the computer or reading, to prevent increasing diopters. My parents both used glasses since they were very young so this diagnosis wasn´t a surprise for me. I delayed this purchase for a few months but, in the same year, I bought my first pair of eyeglasses.
Although I don´t wear eyeglasses everyday, my diopters haven´t increased. Currently, I work long hours in the computer. More and more, I feel the need of using my glasses to drive at night or to read, otherwise I feel dazed and have headaches. I don´t feel comfortable when wearing my glasses for many hours, they are heavy, leave a mark on my nose and I have to clean them constantly. I also don´t like wearing glasses when I´m cooking because the steam that comes out of the pans blurs my vision.
I´ve been researching online about contact lens technology and learned that new contact lens technology can be a good solution for my case. Contacts are useful for correcting many vision problems, including astigmatism and myopia.
Although glasses have less maintenance and are affordable, I´ve been researching about the advantages and disadvantages of using contact lenses for my specific vision problem. Maybe I can combine the use of the latest contact lenses with my current eyeglasses. I could use lenses when I go out or drive at night and glasses when I´m at home working in the computer. If you have vision problems and you use contact lenses can you share your experience with me?

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