Happy Easter!

I´d like to wish all Night Clicks visitors and readers a Peaceful & Happy Easter.
Portuguese Easter follows Christian traditions such as processions and church festivities. Many Portuguese use Easter holidays to travel and visit family or friends.
In Easter, it´s usual to see many Spanish tourists visiting Portugal.
As I mentioned in a recent post, I´m having mini Easter vacations and I´ll spend my three days off at home doing some of the things I enjoy most and other house chores such as a small Spring cleaning.
Spring always brings me a renovation spirit. Yesterday, I bought one of the flowers in the picture above to decorate my flat´s entrance. We call these flowers "Gerberas" and along with Roses, Narcissus and Orchids they´re my favorite flowers.
Happy Easter everyone!


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Liza said...

Happy Easter!!!

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Mariuca said...

Hola Mize, I love the pretty Easter eggs! Well PR round is here, any changes on your end? My blogs are all the same, no change here... :)

Mizé said...

Hello girls!
Thanks for visiting. Hope you had a good Easter too!

Mizé said...


I´ve been thinking about that topic since the last days of March because, according to my calculations, it´s update time.
In the past days, I´ve monitored my blogs but here on my end everything remains the same. So..it´s good news for me. Keeping my blog´s PR is much better than dropping.
Hugs! xx