Earning Money Online: Other Resources

A couple months after starting Night Clicks, I came across a few blogs about making money online trough the Internet. At that time, I was studying and working part-time with children and had a little extra time at night that I used for blogging.
I was excited about the possibility of earning a few extra bucks from the comfort of my home and started researching more about home business topics.
Trough my own research, I learned about affiliate schemes, different types of blog advertising, paid content, the domain/website business and all the other making money online possibilities related to those main resources. After spending many nights learning by reading articles and other´s experiences, and once I already had a couple blogs, I decide to try the blog advertising business. Currently, blog advertising, Adsense and writing articles are my main online revenue source.
I never tried to earn money trough online games but I know it´s possible to do. I recently meet a friend who is also a blogger, only works offline in part time but makes a decent income online. He earns more than my offline salary trough sports bets. He uses a website that allows him to make money trough basketball betting and football betting. I was amazed when he showed me his earnings in the past months.
This way of making money online isn´t as risky as I first though but demands lots of research. To earn higher amounts without much risk, he has to study championships, games statistics, tactics and read the sports news every day. Once he blogs about football and enjoys everything sports related, earning money online this way is not only a challenge but a way to have fun.
I couldn´t do it myself but I admire him for what he does.

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