PR Update Time

Once the last PR update was made during the last days of 2009, three months have passed and according to G.´s tradition the last days of March were update time.
In the past days, I often though about this topic and I´ve been monitoring my blogs to check if any changes would occur.
Nothing changed for me, all my blogs remain with the same PR. I´m happy because lately I haven´t worked much to gain more links. In fact, I´ve been giving more out-bond links than receiving so I´m happy I kept my blog´s PR.
And you? Did you noticed any changes?

PS: Thanks Mariuca for bringing this topic up. Here in Night Clicks it´s a tradition to post about PR updates :)

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Mariuca said...

Thanks Mize, for the mention! I am trying to get my PR back for MPG, hope to get good news next round. Thanks for advertising at my site sweetie, hugs! :)