Thinking About Summer Vacations

The hot weather arrived and the last couple days have been so hot (23ºC) that we´re already thinking about ice-creams, beach and swimming pool. It´s time to take my swimming suit and towels out of the weekend we´ll go swimming for the first time this year.
It´s been so long since my last summer vacations abroad that I almost don´t remember... From 2002 to 2009, I only worked part-time while studying at University and taking care of the family. For our honeymoon, we thought about visiting one European country but that never happened. Instead of using the money we received in our wedding to travel, we bought a Land Rover jeep. After, we never had enough money to travel abroad and we spent all our summer vacations here in Algarve.
Well, Algarve is a great traveling summer it´s filled with tourists but what we really wanted was to go elsewhere, catch a flight and visit some European capitals.
In April 2009, I started working at the hospital and had no summer vacations. Once again, I spent my days off in local beaches. This year, for the first in many, I think I´ll have a chance to travel. I already started saving money, a sort of summer vacations fund for me and my daughter.
I´ve been researching online to learn more about Europe´s best destinations. I also started checking prices because I know that if I book my trip ahead I can get a good discount. I even checked hotels in Rome, Madrid and London. I haven´t decided yet which city I will visit but one thing is for sure, I won´t go alone, my daughter will go with me. Once this will be her first plane travel, I don´t want to go very far from home...I´m tempted to chose a destination like south Spain islands.
I´ve been talking to my daughter about this possibility and she´s already excited with this idea for Summer vacations. She would like to stay in a hotel with swimming pool and have dinner out every day. She said she doesn´t want to see me always cooking like I do at home. It´s like all work and no fun. She´s a little VIP, but I recognize she has good taste and knows well the vacation concept, lol. Now, I only hope I can save enough money in the months to come to make our little dream come true.

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