Music: Old Times Tunes & My Birthday

This week, I celebrated my birthday. Happy birthday to me!
I was born April 13th...Aries...sure!
No cake this year...
A year older but wiser...I guess.
Today, I feel like posting a music from one of my favorite "old time" bands: The Cure. I can say that I enjoy most of their musics but the album "Disintegration" is my favorite. So, tonight...Underneath The

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Mariuca said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIZE!!!! I wish you nothing but love, joy and success this birthday! Big hugs from me, all the way in Malaysia! :):):)

Allena said...

Hi Mize! Belated Happy Birthday! I'm sorry my greeting came late. How was your birthday, my friend?

May God bless you all the more!!!

Liz said...

Happy belated to you sweetie! You have the same birthday as my husband. :)

Hope you had a blast.

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imelda said...

belated hapi bday to you and may your wishes come true