Blogger Status: Day Off & Some Thoughts

It´s been a while since my last Blogger Status post. I haven´t twitted in a long time, so...:)
After a stressful week with two mornings and one night shift, oh gosh how I hate mornings, I´m finally having a day off.
I spent my birthday in a training at the hospital. It was a normal work day, I only had free time at night so nothing special, just a dinner out which I always enjoy. This year, I was so busy that I didn´t even had time to do or buy a birthday cake, I always do...
This week, my free time was spent in public services renovating and changing my last name in my ID cards. Yeap, I officially entered the thirty and something with a kid divorced club. Yeap, that exists in Portugal too.
Yesterday, I was thinking how my life changed since we broke up. I still have obligations and schedules to obey but I have a freedom I didn´t have before. In practical aspects many things changed, that´s the visible part and sometimes the hard part to get used to.
The invisible part is the realization that I can only count with me. I can do things how I want without having to alter my plans or making agreements. I take my own decisions and am responsible for them. As a single mom, I have more responsibilities but they´re not seen as a burden, on the contrary. I know have the feeling I´m in charge of this "ride" and with all that it brings I´m still a happy person in essence. I feel blessed for all I have and look for happiness within me more than in others.
Well, after these scattered thoughts I´m off to update my other blogs.
See you soon :)

2 comentários:

Monica said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mize! ;) may God forever bless you and keep you well *HUGS*

Mizé said...

Hi Mon :)
Good bless you too :)