My MMO Endeavours

In general, my online profits decreased as soon as I started working full time. Earning money online requires time, dedication and "know how".
I also noticed an overall decrease in the number of opportunities to write sponsored posts, comparing to the same period in 2009.
Currently, my most "steady" income comes from Adsense in my Portuguese blogs. It´s surprising but it´s true. My less "steady" income comes from Blog Advertising companies and writing.
In the current state of fairs, most months I earn nearly 200.00 Euros just from writing but there are others in which I barely reach 100.00 Euros. It all depends on my free time to write and the offers I receive, either directly by e-mail or (more frequently) trough the different companies´ marketplace.
In March, I reached another Adsense payment which is expected to arrive soon. I also received a payment from Shvoong.
Shvoong is a summaries and reviews website in over thirty languages. It´s also a huge library, useful for students, and a community. I´ve been in this website as a contributor since 2007. I write Portuguese books reviews, website reviews, and articles. They pay contributors according to the number of visitors of your articles. The minimum payout is 10.00 and they pay trough Paypal. They also have an affiliate scheme.
As a contributor, I can invite anyone trough e-mail. If you´re interested, just mail me at:
In March and April, I also had some kind offers to write content and a few link sales.
In the past months, I noticed that IZEA websites became even more scarcer for European posties but not for US´s. In general, they´re paying less for each review/post and have lesser opportunities than other competing companies. I think it´s more difficult to earn money this way than a couple years ago.
In 2008/2009 I used most of the money I earned online to pay my studies expenses. Now that I finished the degree, I´ve been using the money to pay current expenses (such as Internet, telephone, domains renewal, etc) and for our vacations fund. Actually, there´s no vacation´s fund left, it went all to our current car (my long wanted "craziness") :)
I´ll have to rebuilt my savings but I´m happy with my "new drive". Now I have a car not a sample, lol. Ummm...from now on I´ll use my online earnings to rebuilt my savings, great destination :)
See you soon xx

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