My Night Owl Session Online

I´m starting my mini vacations. Five days off. I´m spending this weekend with my daughter but I don´t have any plans for it yet. We talked about doing different things depending on the weather: going to the beach, library and/or park.
This weekend I´m cooking home. I already bought groceries and meat and all I need for a few homemade meals we enjoy.
So, I wish you all a good weekend ahead and I´m leaving you with some Nina pictures. While I drop, read my favorite blogs, check my e-mails, research, update my blogs, etc.


...Sleeps or relaxes profoundly in a black office chair I have in my kitchen, placed next to my own chair. Yap, a part of my kitchen is transformed in a sort of home office and only because it´s the only division in the apartment in which I smoke. Once I use a notebook with wireless and one router, I can be online anywhere inside my apartment but it´s in the kitchen I spend most of my time. I rather be online, reading a book, cooking or even cleaning than in the living room watching TV...
Nina has a totally "stress free" live. We can learn so much from our furfriends :)

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Mariuca said...

So cute Nina chilling with you, happy hols! :)