Birthday Gifts

In April, I celebrated my birthday in a simple way. It was a working day and I was attending a course at the hospital. I was so busy that I didn´t have time to prepare or buy a birthday cake. Me and my daughter had dinner out, took a walk in Faro´s Marina and came home early because, in the next day, we had to wake up early.
The picture above shows what I got as birthday presents, except one item. It seems my closest ones remembered it was my birthday. I received a perfume box from my daughter and S. and a small make up bag from friends. I replaced my 6 years old broken Sumsung cellphone by a new LG with the help of TMN point system and my pocket.
The only item in the picture that isn´t new, but should be, are my sunglasses. After buying new eye glasses, I now need new to buy new sunglasses. My 4 years old sunglasses are broken and it´s lens have many scratches. New glasses would be a gift from me to myself. When I´m driving, sunglasses are an indispensable item for my sensible eyes, specially with our hot Summer sun.
I´ve been checking glasses prices online and found that know brands are very expensive for what I´m willing to spend. A new pair of glasses from known brands can cost a few hundred euros and I´m not willing to spend that much. I have to look better in different shops to find a deal that suits my wallet, meanwhile I´ll still be wearing the old ones.

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Happy Mother's Day!