Mother´s Day

Today, in Portugal, we celebrate "Mother´s Day".
Mother´s are special everyday... but once there´s a special day for them why not use the occasion to give her an extra hug, an extra kiss or spend some quality time with her.
The picture above shows the gifts my daughter made at school for Mother´s Day with her teacher´s help. It´s a soap with glitter hand-painted flowers and a postcard with a flower´s shape. The postcard has a special message too, it says:

"Mother: As you know, the honey is sweet and sweet is good. Your heart is as good as the honey and I´ve always loved you.
You are simply: Kind, Beautiful, Fantastic, Wonderful, Pretty and Intelligent."

Happy Mother´s Day!

3 comentários:

Juliet said...

Happy Mother's day to you! Hope you have a wonderful day...:-)

imelda said...

happy mother;s day

jenn said...

Happy mother's Day to you!