Remodelling Projects

Since last winter, I have been thinking about remodelling projects I need to do in my apartment. My priority was replacing balconies´ tiles and painting, which I did before the year end.
This year, I was planning remodelling my kitchen. Once I recently decided to pay off my previous car loan and upgrade paying cash, my kitchen remodelling project will have to wait. I debated for some time if I should pay off the car loan and upgrade or use the money for home improvements but I didn’t resist the car option.
My bathroom also needs new bath vanities and to be painted. If I could put these two home improvement projects in practice, I would add value to the apartment and also give it a more modern look.
Now that I´m almost debt free, I don´t want it back in my financial life. Once I already asked quotes for the first project, I know exactly how much money I need to carry it out. I´ve decided to put my remodelling projects in stand by until I save enough for them. I can avoid paying monthly instalments and interest rates. With some focus, maybe I can save for this goal in one year.

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imelda said...

its a lot of money i tell you. i had my house repair it costs me about half a million