Personal Information

I gave my identification to a certain company which sells catalog clothes and became their client. At the time of my subscription, I forgot to check the little square that comes in the page bottom. This section is about sharing the data provided by clients with third parts.
My data became a part of a telemarketing list. Telemarketing lists are provided by companies which specialize in direct mail and telemarketing needs. If a certain company needs to do a mailing campaign, most times they use lists and client’s contact as main resources. The data is then classified in different types of lists, for example, a mortgage mailing list.
Now my data is a part of some financial products list. I already received a few calls from marketing agents trying to sell me credit cards and different types of insurance. I´m not that itchy about this type of marketing. For me they are just people doing their job and most times I hear their offers but others they call me in the worst occasions.

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