What Kind Of Dog Do You Have?

Last weekend, I was surfing websites about pets and came across a very interesting video about dog DNA testing. The video covers recent developments in dog DNA testing and shows that now it´s possible to know, with 95% accuracy, a mixed-breed dog's genetic heritage.
When I lived in Vilamoura, my father had a huge, gentle and very playful Giant Schnauzer called Jim. He had black fur and too many white spots to be a simple Schnauzer. We always wondered what kind of mixed breed composition he had. Maybe he was a Schnauzer crossed with Dalmatian.
Knowing our pet´s breed can be just a curiosity for some people but it´s true that it also provides useful information to a dog´s dedicated owner. With the exact breed information dog owners can learn more on how to provide them better health and training conditions. Once each dog has it´s own temperament and characteristics, the more owners and Vets know, the better they can take care of them.
Currently, there are two methods of collecting a dog´s DNA: blood testing and saliva samples. The first method is the most intrusive of the two. If inquired about this two options, probably most dog owners would prefer using the second option because a dog´s saliva sample can be easily collected using cheek cell swabs.
Apex DNA is a company that provides such dog DNA test kits in the form of cheek cell swabs. This company´s services is present in US and Canada. The test developed buy this company allows users to find out their dogs exact genetic make-up. If you visit their website, linked above, you´ll also find a list of cat´s and dog´s breed names plus other useful resources, news and funny videos about our fur-friends.
I now know my Nina is an European. I surely would like to know more traits of her breed. Guess I need to research more about this topic and write another post sharing my discoveries.

Image: Jnarin.

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Scotty's Princess said...

Hi MiZe.

WE have a Shih Tzu here at home and how we adore him so! He sure is our apple of the eye. Very cute and lovable!


Mizé said...

Hi Lainy!
Good to "see" you :)
So, you´re a dog owner...didn´t know it. Currently, I´m a cat owner and she´s a lot of fun too.
I already had both cats and dogs as pets and, although they are so different, I adore both.
Well, in fact I´m sort of a nature/animal fan.
>Sending XXX your way :)