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Last week, I took three days off from my job because I wasn´t feeling very well. I went to the doctor, he prescribed me some pills and more rest. Sure...three days after I was back in work. My luck is a few many days off I´m having this weekend, otherwise I don´t know how I would handle everything. I´m tired, really am.
In the meanwhile, and because I´m well enough to blog lol, I´ve been working to improve my Portuguese blogs. I started a personal finances blog in my language and now I´ve been dedicating a few hours each day to my newest blogging endeavor. At this point, I´ve been doing background work such as Search Engine and Directories submission, Link Building, advertising and, off course, writing informative content. This blog´s already been indexed by big G and received free traffic from it, cool :), it means my keyword research was useful.
Apart from my blogging stuff, and one award I received from Mariuca and still have to post, I´ve been researching new MMO endeavors. I hope I find something worthy because the old PPP companies I was working for seem to have dried out. If you know something worth looking at, just leave a comment.
See you soon :)

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imelda said...

i share sentiment with you too regarding MMOs