Not That "Wonderful" Anymore

Hello everyone,
After a tough night shift, I´m doing one of my night-owl blogging sessions :)
As soon as possible, I will remove Project Wonderful ad boxes from all my blogs.
So far, advertising has been a good way to monetize my blogs but as all business, when you don´t see a profit it´s time to change or move on.
I took this decision because I´ve noticed a big decrease in advertising purchases in my blogs trough this advertising company.
Well, maybe the problem is my blogs but the fact is I only earned 10 bucks since I joined them, nearly one year ago. In the past couple weeks, their ad boxes are empty every day so they look more like clutter than advertising space.
MMO is changing, it´s time to look for new ventures.
See you soon :)

4 comentários:

Dana said...

I'd be interested in other advertising portals you uncover, and whether they are more successful.

My experience with Project Wonderful has been the complete opposite (when I keep my blog updated and active.)

Christy said...

What are you going to do to monetize your blog if you remove those elements? I have been trying to figure out how to make my blog better, but it's hard. There is so much competition out there.

Mizé said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Dana: My experience with Adgitize is better than with PW but they´re very similar. My best earner is definitely Adsense but only with my Portuguese blogs.
So far, I haven´t found any advertising company to replace PW, but if I do, I´ll post about it.
Nice to know your experience has been different.

Mizé said...


I´m just removing PW, for now I´ll keep Adgitize. Lately, my focus has been Adsense, my best earner so far. It works better in my other blogs.
You´re right...the blogosphere is a huge place and there´s a lot of competition too.
In my opinion good content is the key to a successful blog.
Still learning too... :)