Web Hosting Directory

If you´re thinking about moving your blog from a free platform to your own domain and hosting but you don´t know which provider to pick, you can look for advice in a web hosting directory. There are many companies offering web hosting services on the market and each one provides different plans so it can be a bit confusing for someone who is just starting out.
If you´re new to hosting plans, you´ll find that a hosting directory aggregates information on the best hosting providers. It also provides ratings, reviews, other users comments and articles to learn more about the topic. In my case, I started by reading most topics covered by one hosting guide which was very helpful for a beginner like me.

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squad said...

Great list of resources! I also recommend http://www.squadhelp.com for finding great domain names. This site uses the "wisdom of crowds" allowing users across the world to submit domain name suggestions. The best suggestion wins a prize that is setup in advance by the contest holder, creating a win win situation for every one. Contests start at $50 and users typically receive 200+ good name suggestions within 2 days.