School Vacations Started & New Routines

Hope you´re all having a good weekend.
I had a stressful week at work so I took the weekend off to rest. The truth is I´m not that happy with my current job and that´s starting to show. I really need a change and I´m in a stage of rethinking my whole life. Maybe it´s 40 arriving and the necessity to live my life as I wish.
My daughter´s school vacations started last Friday. She finished primary school and passed to grade 5. I´m proud of her :)
Last Thursday, the school made a "Finalists" party for students and invited all parents to receive the Finalists Book, a projects kids worked hard for in the past couple weeks. Soon, these kids will start a new chapter of their lives in a new school with new subjects, teachers and mates so a finalists party was a cool thing to do.
Next September she´ll start attending a different school. This means that from now on our daily routines will change a bit, specially timetables.
The new school is very near our flat so I don´t need to drive her to school anymore. She´ll have to walk home and stay alone while I´m working. This implies being responsible for home keys, a big step for both. I don´t have many options, either I do this or I keep paying someone to babysit her so I think she´s old enough to try this option and see how it works.
I must confess I´m a bit apprehensive with this change, we´ll both have to adapt to new circumstances.
When I was her age I had to take a 30 minutes bus to go to school... Well, but those were different times (almost 30 years ago, lol) in a different place. The truth is I can´t keep my daughter in a shell or glass bubble her whole life :)
There´s nothing like trying and having faith my plan works. If it doesn´t I´ll have to find another solution. Let´s see how things work.
See you soon :)

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