Blogger Status: Day Off & School Tests

Last Saturday, I had a tiring night shift due to many ophthalmology surgeries so the weekend was a bit smaller for me.
It was my ex´s weekend with M. so I decided to have a day off only for myself. I had a lazy my pyjama for a good part of the day:) I had plenty rest and after waking up without any alarm clock ( a true day off, no clock alarms) I did my usual home chores: cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I also finished reading a book from "Bucay" I had bought early this month and did a small night blogging session. Recently, I introduced to Jorge Bucay by my good friend M. I enjoyed his "Tales to Think" book very much and it made me want to read more of his work.
Lately, I´ve been spending a good part of my online time reading Personal Finances, Retiring Early and Zen/Simple Life blogs/websites, all topics I´m enjoying more and more. You see, I´m reaching forty and rethinking/reconstructing my life:)
This week, my daughter will have to do the final term tests. In the last few days, I´ve been helping her. Overall, she´s a good student in all subjects. Unlike me when I was her age, she has more difficulties in Portuguese than in Mathematics. If all goes well, she´ll finish primary school and, next year, she´ll attend a different school very near our flat. Attending a new school, having a different teacher in each subject (until now she only had one teacher for all subjects) and totally different schedules means a big change in her daily habits. We will need some time to adapt but once that will only happen after Summer vacations we have plenty time to think about it.
My daughter school vacations will start next 18th but my next vacations will only be in August´s first week. My daughter will attend ATL while I´m working and in my days off: Beach and swimming pool, here we go! :)
See you soon.

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