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Internet is expanding and the same is happening to service providers related to this valuable tool for business and knowledge. In previous reviews, which you can find in the archives under the label Web hosting Information, I listed a few resource websites in which you can find different types of information. Some have as main focus other users reviews and rates, others provide articles, and information about basic website features. In many of these websites you can check hosting services prices and the different features provided in each pack. Some of these websites also provide a section with articles from which you can learn the basics of the business.
In today´s post, I´m adding another resource, a webhosting Blog. A Blog is a dynamic tool which is supposed to be updated on a regular basis. It´s not the same format as a directory. In this blog you´ll find not only the usual reviews of the best web hosting providers but also Web hosting industry news and the latest trends.
Overall, I found this blog´s content very informative and useful for any web hosting user. This blog´s look is the well known techno blue template but it´s very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

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