Our Furfriend Nina: Just an Update

Hello Guys!
How you´re doing?
I´m doing great. I have a great cat life.
My master got me this great office chair, like hers, really great for naps :)
You see, I got my own house in the balcony but, when master´s in a good mood, she lets me stay inside and have great naps in the couch or, near her, in my office chair. I just adore this chair, I clean myself, stretch my legs and just relax while master plays with that black thing with buttons.
See you :)

4 comentários:

svetlana said...

wow, i love it.. i love cats..i have my baby too.. he's so handsome and so cute..his name is dudzki..:)

Leslie said...

Aww!! We have a new kitty, her name is Kiki

Mariuca said...

meow meow Nina, u are looking well and healthy! Pls thank ur Mommy for me, for advertising on my blog today, fluffy hugs all around! :)

Curbowb said...

I have a new baby kitty named Tony Bologna LOVE the little guy :)