School Nostalgia

As I mentioned before, I finished my Psychology degree last Winter.
Once I finished with 16 as average grade, I could begin a Masters the same year but due to my financial situation after breaking up I had to quit this idea and look for a job.
In University of Algarve, a Masters is the second cycle of "Bologna" which lasts for two years. The second year includes a Master´s Thesis and Academic training. In my area, this second cycle, or a professional training period, is essential to become professional.
Oh...I miss my school days. I had a lot of work to do but I enjoyed every bit of it. I remember spending long hours researching websites, looking for articles, scientific magazines, PDF paperwork published online on that topic found trough a pdf search tool, doing Power Point presentations and 50 pages of literature revision, case studies, etc.
When I do something I really enjoy, I don´t get sick of it that easily. What excited me the most was learning trough research, maybe the learning process itself or the "insight" and realizing new knowledge would enrich my thinking. Saying in other words, putting my neurons working. I think I´ll be forever a student, a sponge... absorbing. It´s a pity I can´t follow my studies right now, maybe someday I´ll be able to return. Until then, I´ll put my neurons working trough blogging :)

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