Music: Coldplay

My new car doesn´t have a CD player!
Shh.. that´s something I used to have in previous cars. That´s what you get for changing a 2004 Ford for a 2000 BMW :)
Before my CD´s era, I managed to gather a good number of tapes which, most, I still have. I even have most of the vinyl music & story records I used to hear in my childhood. No, I´m not old...I´m just from pre videotapes and 48k game computer era, lol.
So..once I get a bit bored of hearing the radio all time, yesterday I went trough my tapes and selected a few to hear in the car. I picked Cold Play and Eric Clapton.
Tonight, I was wondering if Coldplay have new musics and checked their official page. I guess there´s nothing new from them but I came across this "Lost" version I hadn´t seen before... I tend to look for live videos first.

Good Week :)

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