Blogging Projects

In the past weeks, I´ve been thinking about my my current blogging goals and trying to reach some decisions I´ve been delaying.
Two of my blogs need to be reformulated, both need a new direction that will influence not only it´s content but also it´s current link structure.
In one of the blogs, I didn´t perform any changes yet because of SEO purposes but I´ll have to do something about it very soon. My plan is to delete personal posts and create a new content direction using a good part of the content that I already have there.
In the other blog I need to renew the domain, change the template and go back to it´s initial content focus. Both tasks require some time so I predict some night hours of work for the months ahead.
I´m expanding my Portuguese blogs as well. I already have two blogs of totally different topics that require some work but I´m thinking about starting a third one in the "saving money" niche. I´ve been researching it´s search engine optimization possibilities and I think it could be a good project. I enjoy blogging about Personal Finances topics and in my language there´s a reasonable number of monthly searches and low competition. I already wrote some content and now I think I´m ready to start the blog. It will require time but without work nothings is easily achieved, right?

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