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Hello everyone!
This week, I can say TGIF :)
After a week of different schedule shifts, I´m having a whole weekend off. A weekend off from my job and from my parenting role, my daughter is spending this weekend with her father.
Summer is arriving to Algarve. I already wear t-shirts and, during the day, I don´t use a jacket anymore. In my opinion, the weather here now isn´t hot enough for swimming in the sea. Well, some people already do it but not me, I get too cold. Right now, I´d rather go to the beach to catch some some sun or some shellfish, Conquilhas ou Berbigão, as we call it.
A day at the beach or a picnic sounds like a great idea for weekend plans but with the pile of clothes I have to iron and sort out, I´d rather stay at home. Looking to my shift´s schedules, next week will be a tough one as well so I must do my house-chores and all the cleaning before it starts because I´m sure I won´t have much free time during week days.
Once the night already ended... it´s almost morning, I guess I will sleep a good part of Saturday. Due to my night owl online sessions, this week I felt tired. I´ve been waiting for this break the whole week to turn my phone off, specially the alarm clock and just...hibernate...ha!
Good Weekend to all!

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