Last Week´s Resume: Pope Visits Portugal & Some Politics

After a small hiatus, I´m back. Needless to say...busy working & my crazy shifts.
I don´t blog much about politics but sometimes, like today, I feel like making a few sarcastic comments about the state of things.
Last May 13th, the Pope visited Portugal and, in the same week, while people were distracted with the celebrations, government raised taxes and made a cut in unemployment monetary help. Two remarkable events Portuguese won´t forget so soon...
Well... the Pope was very welcome in Portugal. Rest assure because he was much better received than Dalai Lama. The Government even gave some public workers a day off.
In the past years, with the economical downturn, things have been pretty difficult for Portuguese people. Public workers wages have been frozen, 11% unemployment rate, factories closing and many layouts, specialized workers and people with degrees (like myself) doing non specialized jobs and earning the minimum wage, negative inflation. As consequence of this situation, and the reigning consumerism spirit, many families are in over-debt or having a hard time paying all bills.
This non popular "tighten your belt" measures for low and middle class workers only confirms the theory that it´s the poorest which pay the crisis. We´ve been in Europe´s tail for a long time and not only by the country´s geographical position. I guess we won´t leave this bottom position so soon.
In this sunny corner of Portugal, I´m having another busy week at work.
A good week ahead for all Night Clicks fellows!

Image - Santuário de Fátima: Cesar Redondo

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